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Lip Lessons from BEYONCÉ

Who’s still watching the videos from BEYONCÉ? Because I totally am. And turning up Drunk in Love” in the car so loud I get stares at stop lights.

I’ve been singing the praises of Queen B to anyone who would listen, raving about about this pop star’s stance on feminism, her hot bod after having a kid (gym motivation), her growth musically and of course her fashion; so naturally, I had to extend my ode to the blog.

I want to dedicate this post to Beyoncé’s lip game because I don’t think it has gotten the attention it deserves. She really pushed the boundaries this go-around, and that includes her lip color. Here are some of my favorite lip looks from the videos off BEYONCÉ that has been making me reaching for my lipstick even when all I’m doing is going to Target in a hoodie.

no angel

I can’t get the image of Beyoncé in all white with purple lips out of my head because it. is. everything. This is what a bold lip should do- take a (maybe not so much in this case) plain or monochromatic outfit to another level. The exact color used in the “No Angel” video is  MAC Heroine ($15), which I am now convinced I need ASAP.


‘Tis the season for a vampy red so it’s no surprise that these looks from “Jealous” and “Haunted” drew me in. I can see matching your lipstick to your jacket being a thing next season, no? Try MAC Cyber ($15) for the darkest red worn in “Jealous” and Revlon Black Cherry ($7.99) for a truer red that Bey totally pulls off with blue eyeshadow in “Haunted”.


In “Pretty Hurts,” Beyoncé’s pageant look comes together with almost-fluorescent lips that sets her apart from all the other hopefuls.  A truly opaque formula is best to convey a color like this. Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics’ Lip Tar in Anime ($18) is as bright a magenta as you can get that somehow is still completely wearable, plus is heavy-duty enough to last you practically all day.  


Despite what anyone else says, this is the ultimate statement lip. Arguably the most fun video off the album deserves the most fun look. I found Kryolan’s Ultra Bright Blacklight Reactive Lipstick in Bright Orange ($4.95) which they say is what Hollywood uses for this effect. If so, Bey used this exact product in “Blow” and I recommend that you get it before the secret’s out.