festival style

Lorde serves up business casual at Coachella

I’ve seen enough crop tops and jean shorts up to there to last me a lifetime after these past two weekend’s Coachella’s, but a crop top with a loose trouser?- that I can get with.

Lorde took a dressier approach to desert fashion for her first Coachella performance in a white crop top and white pants, creased nicely in the front. In a sea of practically naked bodies, flower crowns, feather headdresses and just general BAD FASHION, the Australian singer gave us a refreshing and minimalist take on what we now consider “festival style.”

I think I also love this because it reminds me of the video for Britney’s seminal classic, “Sometimes.” 

For weekend two, Lorde takes it up one more notch by giving us straight-up business casual in a black blazer with matching black trousers, similar to last week’s, paired with some fresh white Nike Air Force 1’s.

Girl is here to WERK not only the stage, but to do her part in saving the disaster that has become Coachella fashion. As the latest star to grace the cover of Teen Vogue, she is doing her rightful duty in showing us what fashion is really about.

Click HERE to see the performance that all the blogs are raving about over at Pitchfork.