Lorde serves up business casual at Coachella

I’ve seen enough crop tops and jean shorts up to there to last me a lifetime after these past two weekend’s Coachella’s, but a crop top with a loose trouser?- that I can get with.

Lorde took a dressier approach to desert fashion for her first Coachella performance in a white crop top and white pants, creased nicely in the front. In a sea of practically naked bodies, flower crowns, feather headdresses and just general BAD FASHION, the Australian singer gave us a refreshing and minimalist take on what we now consider “festival style.”

I think I also love this because it reminds me of the video for Britney’s seminal classic, “Sometimes.” 

For weekend two, Lorde takes it up one more notch by giving us straight-up business casual in a black blazer with matching black trousers, similar to last week’s, paired with some fresh white Nike Air Force 1’s.

Girl is here to WERK not only the stage, but to do her part in saving the disaster that has become Coachella fashion. As the latest star to grace the cover of Teen Vogue, she is doing her rightful duty in showing us what fashion is really about.

Click HERE to see the performance that all the blogs are raving about over at Pitchfork.


Meet the Yoncé glam squad: Francesca Tolot

We are still on the BEYONCÉ train and there’s no signs of getting off anytime soon.

Beauty blog Into the Gloss, snagged an interview with a member of the Yoncé glam squad, makeup artist Francesca Tolot, who’s been creating gorgeous look after look since “Crazy in Love.” Tolot lets us in on what products she loves using on Mrs. Carter, which includes drugstore lashes and L’oreal Mascara (also my fave), how *Tyra voice* noted fashion photographer Helmut Newton inspired the both of them on Queen B’s latest body of work, and how perfect Bey’s skin is, as if you don’t envy her enough. Besides her “***Flawless” client, Tolot has quite the resume, having worked with pretty much every celebrity, brand, and fashion magazine there ever was. Her website and Instagram are worth checking out to see all the beautiful looks she’s created.

Read the article on Into the Gloss by clicking the link below, and to take a look back on some of Beyoncé’s most iconic makeup moments.

If Cher Horowitz were an Australian rapper, she’d be Iggy Azalea

If you didn’t know, “Video Clothes” existed in another form 3 years ago as a blog I did for a class in college. I knew I wanted to write about fashion and music, and the most perfect title, “Video Clothes,” serendipitously came to me the morning the title of my blog-to-be was due. I reviewed the clothes in music videos (get it? It also came from a play on words for a *ahem* video vixen), fell in love with blogging and soon knew I wanted to make this project into something more. It’s taken me quite a while to decide exactly what I wanted to do with this thing, and to get back into blogging, but I’ll never forget my humble beginnings, which is why today, I’ll be ranting/raving about the clothes in this music video and many more in the future.

Now that this history lesson is over with, let’s talk about how this video is the ultimate fashion-girl bait.

The music video for “Fancy” by Iggy Azalea feauring Charli XCX recreates classic cinematic masterpiece, Clueless (1995). If you know fashion, Cher Horowitz is probably your spirit animal, you’ve dreamed of having a computerized closet/outfit maker, and have an affinity for little backpacks, over-the-knee socks and/or plaid skirts, all thanks to this film.

If Cher Horowitz were a rapper from Australia, she’d be Iggy Azalea rapping about being “Fancy,” and that’s what makes this music video so amazing. Add on the fact that it’s shot-for-shot, identical to the original movie, down to the specificities of the outfits, and this is the most genius video that has ever been created. Snaps for Director X. I was gonna screen cap some shots to compare the two side by side, but this lovely gifset I found on Tumblr is WAY better than anything I could have done so, enjoy.

Let me preface this by saying that if you’re looking for any negative comments on the outfits in this video, you won’t find them here and that you need to reevaluate your life choices right now.


Of course, you gotta have the iconic yellow plaid outfit and Di’s *chic* lampshade hat. When you think of Clueless, this is exactly what comes to mind. I need to know where this is from because I’ve been searching for the past 2349309 Halloween’s to make my Cher dreams come true.


Onto another iconic style moment- I definitely owned a pink fluffy pen in elementary school and definitely pretended I was Cher instead of paying attention in class. While this outfit isn’t a replica of the original, I appreciate the touch of Iggy in the pink and yellow ripped top that prevents the theme from totally overwhelming her own personality and look.


I was a little disappointed they omitted the suck and blow scene, but Iggy’s butterfly hair clips and those two dreadful hair pieces in front that somehow always had to happen with a 90’s updo made up for it, I think. We all did it. Why? I’m not sure if we’ll ever know.


And how could you forget Cher’s infamous Haiti-an’s speech? Did you know that the mispronunciation of Haitian’s was not scripted? Of course you did. Why did I even have to mention it?


Although the point was to recreate the 90’s, the styling isn’t too far off from what you could see on the streets of fashion-forward cities like NYC today. Alexander Wang recently sent some mesh cutouts on the runway akin to the black and white top Di wears on the left. If gym wear actually looked like that, maybe dragging myself to the gym wouldn’t be so bad.

Well, Iggy, you got us. No matter who you are, if you love fashion, you’re a sucker for Clueless. So much so that I’m pretty sure every fashion publication covered this video. Historically, a music video that is well-received within the fashion community, see: George Michael’s “Freedom ’90,” Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance,” etc., goes onto defining that time and with the resurgence of the 90’s, Iggy’s “Fancy” is like our favorite hashtag, #tbt, in music video form. Fitting, as Azalea’s debut studio album, which is out April 18, is titled The New Classic. I guess we’re now living in a world where Clueless a relic of the past…and I’m feeling way #old. 

Soundtracking | Alexander Wang Fall/Winter 2014

Scrolling through Instagram and seeing live updates of the Alexander Wang F/W 2014 runway show in New York, I was struck by the horns that were blaring out of my tiny iPhone speakers. No one does cool quite like Alex Wang and having his girls stomp to a trap beat while a circle of models rotate in the opposite direction was possibly the coolest thing I’d seen/heard all NYFW.

Alexander Wang Finale FW14

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 Even though this isn’t my favorite Wang collection, I learned that the right beat can sell me all the clothes.  Just give me those half boots already! That utility belt-turned sideways and worn as a purse can come too. Why not? Will they help shield me from  “extreme conditions” and aid in “survival for the urban landscape” that was the inspiration for this season? That I’m not too sure of. Exposing half of my bare leg in 10 degree whether isn’t what I’d call part of survival, but then again, practicality triumphs over fashion for me below 40 degrees. Which reminds me, can someone show me how to actually dress warmly and look cute while facing the frozen tundra that is Boston this winter?

Anyways, that track is “Mobbin (feat. Hedspin)” by Toronto Producer/DJ, Grandtheft who is signed to Diplo’s Mad Decent label. Seems that Mad Decent and Alexander Wang make a great pair, as Diplo was once the face of the fashion line’s F/W 2012 Men’s campaign. I wouldn’t be surprised if you hear a lot more of Grandtheft in the future because with that Alex Wang stamp of approval, all the trendy boys and girls are already on it.

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