(Let’s pretend these aren’t long overdue) GRAMMY Red Carpet Picks 2014

Edit: I know. I’ve failed miserably as a fashion and music blogger.  Just one night in the year where the two come together harmoniously, and I can’t even get a post up on time.  Well, better late than never.

Is the GRAMMY wardrobe ban of 2013 really a thing now? For an award show that brought us J.Lo’s iconic green Versace dress, the hatching of a Lady Gaga, Toni Braxton’s luxe loincloth and whatever this is, the stars played it very safe this year. Not to mention the stars we usually look to for their fashion, like Rihanna and Gaga (and *cough* everyone else whose outfits I predicted) were no-show’s.

For an industry that is all about expression, a wardrobe ban makes no sense. Where is the drama?! Where is the crazy?! Underneath all the pointing and laughing at the fashion faux-pas’ on nights like this, I appreciate when celebrities dress for themselves and not for the critics. After all, that’s what fashion is all about. And with big personalities like those of musicians, the GRAMMY red carpet is hands-down one of the most to watch.

Here were some of my fashion picks from this year’s GRAMMY’S:

Taylor Swift

We get it, Taylor. You like sparkly things. Usually, I’d be annoyed at yet another glittery gown from T.Swift but the mesh short-sleeved overlay on this Gucci gives it a casual, even boy-ish edge that is quite different than her typical princess-y look. I’ve got no complaints. She did good.


SUCH a refreshing look from the British singer. A retro look done right. I also love that we get a sense of her true personal style with this Vivienne Westwood patterned dress that is still glamorous without the jewel-tones, glitter, or skin-tight silhouette.


Madge does whatever she wants, and if she wants to wear matching Ralph Lauren tux’s with her son, she can. And if she wants to pair a cane with it, she can. Because she’s the only one who can pull it off.

And last, but not least…


And my favorite look of the night goes to Ciara.  This gold Pucci gown enhances her mommy glow and flatters her and her baby bump so well (I’m looking at you, Kim K). Have you ever seen a pregnant lady look this good? You show them that your flop album doesn’t stand in the way of looking amazing, even though you had one of the better pop albums of 2013. Don’t believe me? Let me unabashedly stan for Cici a bit…

Don’t tell me this isn’t pop perfection and one of the best pop songs to come out in the past few years. When did we get so hard on this girl? She makes catchy songs, dances, has great fashion sense, is muse to Givenchy’s Riccardo Tisci AND can straddle the line between R&B and pop. How many of the pop girls can say that?  A high-fashion girl in the pop/R&B game? I’m definitely all for it.


Spring/Summer 2014 Campaigns+GRAMMY Fashion Predictions

It’s negative degrees outside but that’s prime time for Spring/Summer campaigns! While most of us are knee-deep in snow or nursing their frostbite from being outside for a grand total of 8 minutes, like I was doing yesterday, the fashion world is selling you short skirts and t-shirts.

This season, we’ve got a number of musicians doing double-duty as models for some prominent fashion houses. Since it’s the GRAMMY’s tomorrow night and these artists are most likely to exclusively wear their respective designers, if they are to attend, I thought I’d tap into my sixth sense and predict what these stars will be wearing on the red carpet.

Rihanna x Balmain


Rihanna definitely embodies the “rocker chic” spirit of Balmain, which is definitely why designer Olivier Rousteing chose her to be the face of this season. She effortlessly pulls off every look in the campaign, shot by Inez and Vinoodh, so she would have no problem killing it on the red carpet in these overalls from Balmain’s Spring/Summer collection.

balmain ss14 overalls

Not just plain ol’ overalls- LEATHER ones. Dress this up a bit and you’ve got formal wear, music industry style. I know you hate it, but don’t lie- Rihanna would probably be the only human being who could pull this off.

Lady Gaga x Versace

gaga versace

Lady Gaga is channeling a young Donatella for this season’s Versace campaign, shot by Mert and Marcus. She has been going for a more toned-down look lately and has been looking amazing thanks to the label she’s been repping. Remember the buzz around that iconic safety pin dress worn by Elizabeth Hurley in 1994 that Gaga wore in Milan? Or when she arrived at this year’s American Music Awards on a white horse looking like she stepped straight out of her new ad? The emergence of Gaga’s glam side is partly in thanks to new bff Donatella Versace.

versace whitegold gown

This model is giving me Gaga vibes so you already know white, blonde and gold will be a winning combo on her. With some jewels and a pair of crazy heels that this girl is known to wear, she’ll be the showstopper she always is.

DKNY x A$AP Rocky

dkny asap ss14 ad

After a collection with Opening Ceremony earlier this year, DKNY up’s their cool factor once again with it-Brit models Cara Delevingne and Jourdan Dunn, alongside rapper A$AP Rocky. Photographer Mikael Jansson does a good job at making Times Square actually look like a place fashionable people hang out at. If bermuda shorts become a thing next season, you know fashion killa A$AP Rocky had something to do with that.

dkny suit

This pretty motherfucka would show up all the GRAMMY guys with this zippered blazer that would fit right into Rocky’s style. Maybe not with a backpack but those shoes can stay.

Erykah Badu x Givenchy


This shot is in a series of photos used for Givenchy’s Spring/Summer 2014 campaign. Erykah Badu, models Eboni Riley, Maris Borges and Dominik Bauer, and socialite Asia Chow posed for Mert and Marcus in black and white and color. Erykah’s second photo features a tophat and while I’d love for her to rock that on the red carpet, I immediately knew this was the look.

givenchy jumpsuit

This entire outfit. WITH the mask. Kidding. Maybe. Nevertheless, this draped jumpsuit is so elegant and is a refreshing choice from the typical gown.

Miley Cyrus x Marc Jacobs

Is it safe to say Marc was a fan of the twerking incident? Because while we thought the world turned away from Miley after that um, unfortunate performance on MTV, Marc scooped her up for his newest campaign. Juergen Teller captures a contemplative, dark Miley and a girl laying motionless beside her…?

marc gown

Anyways, this dress from Marc’s spring collection screamed “Miley” to me, obviously worn with very little underneath.

The GRAMMY’s have always been my favorite award show for fashion because it’s a guarantee that someone’s gonna show up in something crazy. Now that I’ve made my red carpet predictions for this year, I’m even more anxious to see what everyone’s wearing. Happy award season!

Lip Lessons from BEYONCÉ

Who’s still watching the videos from BEYONCÉ? Because I totally am. And turning up Drunk in Love” in the car so loud I get stares at stop lights.

I’ve been singing the praises of Queen B to anyone who would listen, raving about about this pop star’s stance on feminism, her hot bod after having a kid (gym motivation), her growth musically and of course her fashion; so naturally, I had to extend my ode to the blog.

I want to dedicate this post to Beyoncé’s lip game because I don’t think it has gotten the attention it deserves. She really pushed the boundaries this go-around, and that includes her lip color. Here are some of my favorite lip looks from the videos off BEYONCÉ that has been making me reaching for my lipstick even when all I’m doing is going to Target in a hoodie.

no angel

I can’t get the image of Beyoncé in all white with purple lips out of my head because it. is. everything. This is what a bold lip should do- take a (maybe not so much in this case) plain or monochromatic outfit to another level. The exact color used in the “No Angel” video is  MAC Heroine ($15), which I am now convinced I need ASAP.


‘Tis the season for a vampy red so it’s no surprise that these looks from “Jealous” and “Haunted” drew me in. I can see matching your lipstick to your jacket being a thing next season, no? Try MAC Cyber ($15) for the darkest red worn in “Jealous” and Revlon Black Cherry ($7.99) for a truer red that Bey totally pulls off with blue eyeshadow in “Haunted”.


In “Pretty Hurts,” Beyoncé’s pageant look comes together with almost-fluorescent lips that sets her apart from all the other hopefuls.  A truly opaque formula is best to convey a color like this. Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics’ Lip Tar in Anime ($18) is as bright a magenta as you can get that somehow is still completely wearable, plus is heavy-duty enough to last you practically all day.  


Despite what anyone else says, this is the ultimate statement lip. Arguably the most fun video off the album deserves the most fun look. I found Kryolan’s Ultra Bright Blacklight Reactive Lipstick in Bright Orange ($4.95) which they say is what Hollywood uses for this effect. If so, Bey used this exact product in “Blow” and I recommend that you get it before the secret’s out.